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Excited for Tomorrow

My friend Max who is a trainer is going to train me tomorrow night at my gym. He’s all about powerlifting and functional strength so it should be good!

Jan 9

Every muscle in my body is sore.

Had a small scrimmage yesterday with my football team. 6 of us were there so we did 3 on 3 with a modified field.

I went super hard the entire time and foolishly didn’t stretch before or after. I’ve never been this sore before, I think. 

But I love it!

It’s awesome when hard work and training translate to results

After refereeing last week, the quarterback of the team I’m on and I stuck around for a little while to work on our timing together (this is when I injured my neck). The route we spent the most time on was me doing a quick double move on the goal line and him leading the pass out requiring me to lay-out to make the grab.

When executed well, this route is impossible to defend as it happens too fast for the defense (or defender if they play man defense on me) to react to. 

Well wouldn’t you know we called that play when we were at 2nd and goal with 3 yards to go. We executed, I had a spectacular diving touchdown.

We ended up winning the game 60-0. My quarterback and I pulled ourselves for the entire 4th quarter to allow for other guys to get time at our positions and our back-ups scored 2 more TDs. I feel bad blowing a team out like that especially when the guys on the other team were such good sports.

We’re 6-0 and headed into the first round of the playoffs next week.

Oct 9
Oct 8
Sep 4

This upcoming week is my last week of holiday

And I plan to workout to the point of exhaustion most of the days. No more lamenting, no more excuses, just hard work.

I’ll be weighing myself today for the first time in a long time to see where my new starting weight is. I won’t be surprised to be at or near the 200’s again. 

I don’t know how or why I forgot how bad I want this, but I’m going to refocus. 

Now excuse me, I have some impromptu football to play.

Jun 6

All I want to do right now is lift.

I think it’s clicked for me. The nutrition part for me was very easy. It only took me a couple of weeks to stop craving unhealthy food and crave fruits and veggies. The gym took longer than that.

After lifting heavy last week and starting this week lifting heavy, I’m actually looking forward to lifting again.

Lift heavy!

I’m going to start adding weights to my workouts.
This picture also represents one of my goals, to bench press 225 pounds.

I’m going to start adding weights to my workouts.

This picture also represents one of my goals, to bench press 225 pounds.