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Weight of the Nation

Is anyone else watching parts 3 and 4 tonight?

I watched part 1 last night and part 2 this morning. Wow. For a bunch of weight related health issues (hypertension, diabetes) you don’t even have to be incredibly heavy for those issues to show up.

In many cases, these issues show up in individuals that are only considered overweight by 5%  (they use BMI as their standard which isn’t 100% accurate as we all know). So even though I’m maintaining a ~7% weight loss, I’m very much still at risk for those diseases because of my family history.

Time to work a lot harder.

Great Game Today!

It’s the end of the regular season and we closed it out with our highest offensive output of the season with 45 pts. We’re riding a 6 game winning streak into the playoffs.

It would be really nice to have another shot at the championship!

Brief but overdue Archery update

I had my first lesson on Tuesday and it was amazing. It’s really not interesting to describe the lesson. We shot for an hour from about 20ft away. The focus was to get the drawing technique down.

I was incredibly terrible to start but after some instruction I steadily improved. 

Dec 8
Afternoon snack.

Afternoon snack.

Dec 8

Hamstring Update

Stopping and resting last night after I pulled it was a great call. It’s definitely sore today but I don’t feel like it’s as bad as I had initially thought.

So tonight I will head to the gym and do some work on the elliptical and loosen it up and stretch afterwards.

Then I’ll do more lifting for my upper body.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Dec 7

You know what?

I’ve got to take responsibility for the injury. It was completely avoidable.

Had I warmed up properly with dynamic stretching and not tried to be a hero and do the intervals at the level I used to do them I would just be sore rather than hurt.

I’ve pulled my hamstrings in the past so I should have been smart and not put myself at risk for an injury.

Lesson learned, I should be back in action in a couple of days. Depending on how it feels tomorrow I might be able to get some light cardio in to loosen it up.

Dec 7

Thanks, Hamstring

I’m so thankful I lifted weights before I did cardio because I’ve really pulled my right hamstring. Had I known this would happen I would have done a lot more weights. My focus tonight was going to be cardio.

Tonights work out: 

  • Running (treadmill):
    • 0:13:35 || 1.5 mi 
  • Machine Triceps Extension:
    • 45 lb x 15 reps 
    • 60 lb x 15 reps 
    • 75 lb x 15 reps 
    • 90 lb x 10 reps 
  • Leg Press:
    • 390 lb x 10 reps 
    • 390 lb x 8 reps 
    • 300 lb x 8 reps 
    • 300 lb x 6 reps 

I feel good about moving back to squats as soon as my hammy heals up, I just wanted to see how the pegs were feeling having not set foot in a gym in a long time.

Dec 7

I have a date tonight…

With the gym. It’s been too long, lets see what you’ve got!

Dec 7
Natural peanut butter, 1 banana, flax bread. Yum!

Note: I have a reusable container for sandwiches but this bread doesn’t fit into it.

Natural peanut butter, 1 banana, flax bread. Yum!

Note: I have a reusable container for sandwiches but this bread doesn’t fit into it.

Dec 6

I Like Sportz

And I don’t care who knows! (+1 point if you get the reference)

So in the new year I’ll be playing flag football on Monday nights and soccer on Thursday nights from January to March!

Sports are my #1 preference for getting exercise.