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Jul 5

Self-Sabotage Advice?

So I’ve been close to my goal weight two times now. Once I was 8 pounds away and more recently I was 9 pounds away. My CW is hovering around 195-200 again. I’m not going to cry about it because it’s totally my fault.

However, what I want to avoid happening again is what happened the last 2 times. I get so close and then completely fall of the rails. I don’t work out as hard or at all and my eating is abysmal. 

Has anyone else had this problem? It’s completely self-sabotage but I just don’t know why I let it happen twice. 

Note: Goal weight is 180 but that is just a benchmark, if I can be healthy and happy at 185 or 175 (or any weight) then that is fine for me. I just need something to aim for.

A little snack. Sweet potato “chips” and a vine tomato.

A little snack. Sweet potato “chips” and a vine tomato.

Jun 9

Slo-Pitch and other fitness related things

Yes, I know slo-pitch isn’t going to burn the most calories but getting out there for 2 hours a week (and 8+ hours tomorrow for a tournament) is a heck of a lot of fun.

My position switched again, I am now pitching. I have to say I think I’ve found my calling in slo-pitch. Despite having never pitched a game, I played incredibly well and am now the starting pitcher!

With football finished I really need to buckle down with a fitness regime. Last summer I took up running and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, my commitment the last few months has been abysmal. Luckily, I’m both the cause and solution to this problem so fixing it is completely up to me.

I’m going to draft a conservative lifting and cardio schedule that I know I’ll be able to stick to. I’ll build from that and add more days.

Jiu Jitsu

I’m contemplating enrolling at a place a 2 minute walk away from my place. I’ve batted around the idea of taking self defense classes for a little while now.

But is this the best route to go? Anyone out there who practices martial arts than can give me some insight?

The membership is $100 a month which is a lot, but I would be prepared to make sacrifices in other areas of my life to be able to afford going.

The also offer three styles so I am lost on which discipline I’d even want to try first.

Weight of the Nation

Is anyone else watching parts 3 and 4 tonight?

I watched part 1 last night and part 2 this morning. Wow. For a bunch of weight related health issues (hypertension, diabetes) you don’t even have to be incredibly heavy for those issues to show up.

In many cases, these issues show up in individuals that are only considered overweight by 5%  (they use BMI as their standard which isn’t 100% accurate as we all know). So even though I’m maintaining a ~7% weight loss, I’m very much still at risk for those diseases because of my family history.

Time to work a lot harder.

Great Game Today!

It’s the end of the regular season and we closed it out with our highest offensive output of the season with 45 pts. We’re riding a 6 game winning streak into the playoffs.

It would be really nice to have another shot at the championship!

Brief but overdue Archery update

I had my first lesson on Tuesday and it was amazing. It’s really not interesting to describe the lesson. We shot for an hour from about 20ft away. The focus was to get the drawing technique down.

I was incredibly terrible to start but after some instruction I steadily improved. 

May 9

Chicken breast, spring mix salad, spinach, orange, red pepper, tomato, carrots, cucumber.


Chicken breast, spring mix salad, spinach, orange, red pepper, tomato, carrots, cucumber.

Thursday Training Session Recap!

Sorry for the delay in posting this! I’ve been a bit busy.

So I met my friend for a training session on Thursday and I really like how we’re laying things out.

We did 10 mins of warm up on the stair-climbers and we chatted about what I wanted to get out of lifting (in a serious way, no more talk of fighting bears) and then he explained that since he knows I have some experience with lifting that we wouldn’t need to do too many sessions and deplete my bank account.

After warming up we worked on squats for nearly an hour. He drilled the form again and again and again which I really appreciate because now it’s second nature to me.

We only went up to 165lbs as we wanted to focus on form. I’ll be adding more weight when I know my form can stay consistent with higher weight. 

After we squatted we went to a bench and did one leg squats to work on stabilizing my knees and improve my balance. I wasn’t very sure-footed at first and kept falling over. I did a lot better by the end.

My legs are still sore from it! 

The next session we’ll be doing the same thing with deadlifts and overhead press.