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Oct 8
May 9

Football Was Awesome Yesterday

We won our football game yesterday 30-12. They scored 12 points right off the bat (missed the conversions) and we quickly figured them out and shut their team out for the 3 quarters.

We had our full roster for the first time this season finally so I didn’t get to play defense, but that’s ok. It meant I was able to really sell out on offense. I had a couple 3rd down conversion catches and I caught the go-ahead touchdown. It’s exciting because the position I play, I’m not normally looked at as a redzone threat, but I think our quarterback noticed how much quicker I am out there.

I’ve always been fast for my size which I was my nickname is Buffalo. On special teams I would often beat faster guys to the ball carrier. Now that I am slimming down I am becoming even faster. What’s better is I can really push myself without being too winded to push myself on the next play.

I was only winded on one play and it was when our quarterback threw an interception I ran the guy down from behind. I thought I was going to pass out because I think I forgot to breathe as I was sprinting after him, but I recovered pretty quickly.

Sorry for the long post, I’m just big on football right now!